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Swedish Massage

Body Massage

Body massage can alleviate the fatigue, fatigue, and pain of your hands, shoulders, back, neck, legs, and relax your body muscles. Help your body muscles get relieved

  • 30 Mins                           $50

  • 60 Mins                           $70

  • 90 Mins                           $100

  • Couple Massage            $140

  • 4 Hands                          $140


Combo Massage

Combination massage is including body massage and foot reflexology. It is focus on your back and great for eliminating pain for your shoulders and back. Deep tissue, and Asian style reflexology into a massage session that is sure to please even the most expert massage enthusiast. 

  • 60 Mins                           $70

  • 90 Mins                           $100

Reflexology Therapy

Foot Massage

  • This type of massage only pertains to the feet. In essence, foot reflexology is the practice of stimulating nerves in the foot that lead to relaxation and through this stress reduction that leads to better overall health. The benefits of stress reduction are well known and documented in the scientific literature. 

  • 30 Mins                           $40

  • 60 Mins                           $55

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